Southwest Coordination Center & Alamogordo Interagency Dispatch Center Websites

The Southwest Coordination Center (SWCC) coordinates and mobilizes fire resources across the Southwest Area (Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas and Oklahoma). Their website lists fire information and fire restrictions for those geographic areas, but it’s more than just a rehash of information from other sites. (See links at right.)

The Southwest Area (SWA) is one of 11 geographic entities that collaborate on wildfires in Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas and Oklahoma. The SWCC website offers some excellent information. Of course, they have listings of fire information and fire restrictions for each of the areas they cover. The fire information for New Mexico, however, is simply a link to New Mexico Fire Information. The information about fire restrictions (drawn from the website) includes a map showing counties with restrictions as well as listings of all restrictions. But this website is much more than just a mashup of the information from other sites.

In fact, the SWCC site contains so much information that a short summary is IMPOSSIBLE! You’ll have to visit the site to get an idea of the wealth of information. A great deal of hard data on weather, vegetation, and acreage burned is posted, both year-to-date and historical. The Predictive Services provided on this website include Fire Season outlooks presented as both video and PowerPoint presentation. The Fire Season Potential reports include the best available science to describe the most likely outcomes for the current fire season.

Browsing the links listed under “Logistical Operations” and “Fire Management & Administration” show training requirements, safety concerns, and specific resources used for fighting wildland fires. These documents provide a fascinating look into exactly what it takes to do this very difficult job.

The Alamogordo Interagency Dispatch Center (ADC) website provides much of the same information as the SWCC site, but ADC is limited to the Pecos zone. The Pecos zone includes all of southeastern New Mexico, part of the Texas panhandle, and all of far west Texas. Because the site is limited to a smaller geographic region that includes Ruidoso, it’s easier to find fire information directly applicable to Lincoln and Otero counties.

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