The message is speading

Today’s New York Times has an excellent op-ed piece on the fire situation in the Southwest.

The piece, titled “The Fire Next Time”, ( discusses all the reasons why large, disastrous fires are becoming more common. But the article’s main point is not simply re-hashing those reasons, but to stress the importance of prevention. Thinning of forests can prevent these megafires. But, the Forest Service is not able to spend sufficient money on healthy forest initiatives such as thinning because of the vast amounts of money they must spend fighting the fires. (According to the article, the Forest Service now spends upward of 50% of its budget on fire fighting.) MOST IMPORTANTLY, the article discusses an initiative in Congress to change how fighting fires is funded; legislation to treat forest fires as another type of natural disaster. This would be an enormous step forward in the fight to preserve our forests.

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