The Little Bear Forest Reform Coalition was formed by concerned residents of Lincoln County, New Mexico, in the aftermath and in response to the catastrophic Little Bear Fire, which occurred in early June of 2012. The group is an open organization, and seeks to work within the following mission statement and purpose:



The mission of Little Bear Forest Reform Coalition is to promote positive change in National, State, and local policies with regard to forest health and wild fire prevention in Lincoln County and Mescalero. To hold federal and state agencies accountable in their responsibility to protect public and private property, and to educate and involve local citizens in taking responsibility for creating a healthy forest environment on their own properties.



The purpose of Little Bear Forest Reform Coalition is to provide programs designed to develop, promote and enhance the forest surrounding Lincoln County and Mescalero. The programs will 1) educate the public about numerous issues impacting our communities, 2) provide specific recommendations for forest policy reform, 3) encourage networking among various groups or persons working towards forest reform, 4) arrange interactive venues with current decision-makers, and 5) provide opportunities to further forest health and wild fire prevention.


As of August 15, 2012, the group is working towards completing it organizational filings, including an application for non-profit status with the appropriate state and federal agencies. Furthermore, the group will adopt and submit to the membership for approval, a formal set of by-laws governing the organization.