FIREWISE-A Very Timely Presentation for Lincoln County Property Owners And Agency Updates

As the 2017 Fire Season approaches, we all could use some updated information on how to keep our property from being vulnerable to a wildfire event.  Mr. Dick Cooke, Village of Ruidoso Forester, will give the latest presentation on FIREWISE principles that we believe you will find very interesting if you live in and around Ruidoso, New Mexico.  Scarce winter snow may be paving … [Read More...]

Air Curtain Incinerators

Last week, an Air Curtain Incinerator was demonstrated in Lincoln County. One of the significant problems with thinning forests both for a healthier ecosystem, and for reduced fuel load is what to do with the woody materials left over after thinning. Disposal options include chipping, or burning the left-over plant material.  … [Read More...]

New FEMA Mitigation Program – Important News for Landowners

A new Hazard Mitigation Program by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) could help landowners in Brady Canyon, Carrizo, Eagle Creek, Lakeshore/Flying J, Nogal, the south side of Highway 220, Sun Valley, Upper Cedar Creek, and West Gavilan.  … [Read More...]

LBFRC Board Member Leroy Cockrell Leads Black Forest Towards Firewise Designation

LBFRC Board Member, Leroy Cockrell, is helping the Black Forest subdivision work towards a Firewise Designation.  … [Read More...]

County commissioners hear presentation on cost of restoring healthy forests and watersheds

Dr. Brent Racher, a fire ecologist and president of the New Mexico Forest Industry Association, spoke to Lincoln County commissioners regarding the need to restore healthy watersheds. He stressed the necessity of long-term financial commitment in maintaining the health of Lincoln County forests and watersheds, … [Read More...]

Fire-Fighting Tankers to Remain at Alamogordo and Roswell

An article posted on the Ruidoso News website on June 30, 2014 stated that single-engine air tankers (SEAT) that dispense fire retardant slurry on wildfires will continue to be based in Alamogordo and Roswell rather than at the Sierra Blanca Regional Airport. … [Read More...]

Firefighter Training with Controlled Burns, a Collaborative Project

Every year in spring when the winds pick up and the land dries out, residents in Lincoln County understandably get a little nervous as fire danger increases. We have been lucky that the conditions in 2013 and 2014 have provided a bit more moisture then the conditions in 2012 which fueled the Little Bear Fire. This year, as the monsoons approach and the grass greens up the risk … [Read More...]

The Yarnell Hill Fire – One Year Later

Certain wildfires have literally changed the nature of firefighting in the US. Such fires, often at the cost of numerous lives and substantial property damage, have increased our understanding of fire behavior as well as procedures for fighting wildland fires more safely and efficiently.  … [Read More...]

The message is speading

Today's New York Times has an excellent op-ed piece on the fire situation in the Southwest. … [Read More...]

Sherry Robinson (Carlsbad News): A New Chapter in Fire Prevention

Ms. Robinson of the Carlsbad News has written an excellent editorial titled Fire Prevention is a New Chapter, Even For Smokey Bear. She discusses the new reality of wildfires in our state, and what we need to do in terms of fire prevention given the new reality.   … [Read More...]

Stage I Fire Restrictions in Lincoln National Forest

On May 21, 2014, Stage I Fire Restrictions will go into effect for the entire Lincoln National Forest.  … [Read More...]

Southwest Coordination Center & Alamogordo Interagency Dispatch Center Websites

The Southwest Coordination Center (SWCC) coordinates and mobilizes fire resources across the Southwest Area (Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas and Oklahoma). Their website lists fire information and fire restrictions for those geographic areas, but it's more than just a rehash of information from other sites. (See links at right.) … [Read More...]

New Mexico Fire Information Website

The New Mexico Fire Information website is an interagency site that lists all fires (wildfires, prescribed burns, etc.), fire restrictions, and fire danger ratings in New Mexico. (See link at right.) … [Read More...]

InciWeb Incident Information System Website

The InciWeb site has a wealth of information regarding wildfires across the U.S. InciWeb is an Incident Information System maintained by multiple government agencies. (See link at right.) … [Read More...]